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Drove 432% revenue growth one snooze at a time.


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The Challenge

Velvet Hippo is a pet accessories brand that saw a problem: Dogs snuggle seamlessly into our hearts, but their beds stick out in well-designed homes like sore thumbs. Designing a stylish, high-quality, functional dog bed is one impressive feat. Knowing how to help it sell at a rate that will fetch the attention of outside investors is another.

Our Results

127% increase in website conversion rate
13% increase in average order value
20% of revenue generated by email
432% increase in Q4 YOY revenue

How We Did It

Listened to the conversation

We mined what dog owners were saying online, then tailored our messaging to match.

Uncovered ways to optimize

We maintained a dogged focus on testing and improving every conversion opportunity.

Made paid media work harder

We reimagined the digital media spend to grow awareness and sales more efficiently.

Invested in an email strategy

We kept Velvet Hippo at the top of pet parents’ inboxes – and minds – to drive purchase.

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