Delivered 60 patients per day with as COVID demand waned.


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The Challenge

When COVID-19 infections soared in early 2020, ContinuEM benefited from the influx of demand across their inaugural Urgent Care Clinic. As the demand began to naturally wane, ContinuEM enlisted us with the task of booking 60 patients per day by the end of 2023.‍ We implemented a local media strategy across audio, social, and search that helped ContinuEM stay on track with business growth goals and focus on implementing a best-in-class service offering.

Our Results

Kept sub-$20 cost per lead, while scaling up spend over 2.5X
Dropped cost per new patient appointment from $92+ to $60 in 4 months
Improved online appointment sign-up completion rate 12% to 32%
Increased Monthly Organic Search volume by 93% (Feb 2022 compared to Feb 2023)

How We Did It

Constant optimization.

Relentless pruning of search terms that were generating poor quality traffic combined with aggressive bidding on terms that produce results, we maintain a strong presence across all of our top keywords in our local market.

Phone call quality auditing and optimization.

We created a process to log and provide direct feedback as to which types of phone calls were generating new appointments and which were leading to more informational and irrelevant

Creative Tracking Solutions.

Solved tracking issues which allowed us to optimize campaigns to send more relevant traffic while being compliant with HIPAA and medical privacy requirements.

Local SEO and Content Pages

Improved search presence by adding location-based keywords on-site, standardizing existing social profiles and business directories, and building out content for each service offering designed to rank highly.

Client Highlights and Callouts

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Drove 432% revenue growth one snooze at a time.

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Helped drive $50 million+ in sales in 2021.

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