Managed Google Ads via Search, Shopping, YouTube, and Discovery.


Paid Search Marketing

The Challenge

As a growing brand with a patented product, Prepdeck sought to solve for at-home meal prep chaos. Helping people find this novel, all-in-one meal prep hub was critical to grow the business. To improve discovery, Prepdeck turned to us to manage their Google Ads.

Our Results

Preserved a sub $50 CAC to maintain first order profitability
With an 18% increase in spend, delivered 30% more revenue, YoY
Helped launch 20 new products outside of their flagship meal prep hub
Sold out of their flagship product for two consecutive Q4 periods

How We Did It

Creatively explored new search themes

Given that this was a revolutionary, new product, we had to get inventive with our search strategy, tackling themes like “best gifts for chefs.”

Manually created Google Merchant Center products

As the product line grew, we controlled product Titles, Descriptions, and core ad visuals in GMC, opting out of expensive feed management software.

Expanded into YouTube & Discover

We carefully curated campaigns that built on intent. By targeting visitors from search ads, for example, YouTube & Discovery ads converted profitably.

Tailored landing pages to search themes

With the previous year’s search query data in hand, we developed a suite of LPs that matched the intent of keyword themes, lowering CPC costs and increasing conversion rates.

Client Highlights and Callouts

The Prepdeck team earned many awards and accolades, including Amazon’s Innovator of the Year award in 2021 and an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2022. They paired that external awareness with robust Facebook and Instagram campaigns. The strength of these efforts allowed us to explore additional demand generation efforts on YouTube and Google’s Discovery campaign format. Together, we increased topline Q4 revenue by 222% from 2021 to 2022.

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