Managed advertising expansion into Google Ads.


Paid Search Marketing

The Challenge

During the pandemic, XCJ turned to online advertising to expand its presence as a Bellevue, WA, Chinese soup dumpling and noodle restaurant. They had proven demand generation success through Meta Ads and turned to us for demand capture efforts via Google.

Our Results

Preserved a sub $35 CAC to maintain first order profitability
Delivered a 4.44x ROAS in non-brand Search & Shopping in Year 1
Increased attributable revenue 2x in our second 6 months together
Owned 48.1% of non-brand search impression share nationally

How We Did It

Owned niche search themes first

With a finite amount of search volume for the themes of “frozen soup dumplings” and “xiao long bao,” we captured over 50% of the ongoing consumer demand.

Focused on Search & Shopping

To maximize demand capture, we deployed controlled campaigns to cover the visual- and text-based ad placements on SERPs.

Controlled for profitable spend

Through strict target CPA and target ROAS requirements, we consciously throttled spend to attract new customers with first order profitability.

Relentlessly tested

With tailored landing pages, ads, and bidding objectives, we tripled average monthly spend over the first year, all while maintaining profitability.

Client Highlights and Callouts

The XCJ Team grew the category for DTC soup dumplings, BBQ skewers, and noodle dishes through strong Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok campaigns. This enabled us to capture the generated demand, directly and indirectly, through Search and Shopping ads. As a result, the brand grew from a $14M to a $26M annual revenue run rate.

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