Drove 1,600% increase in bookings in 90 days.


Paid Search Marketing

The Challenge

Every minute matters when you’re waiting for COVID-19 test results – which is why ClearMD offers rapid, reliable testing for even the busiest of New Yorkers. As the provider with the fastest turnaround times in the city, ClearMD needed an agency partner that could keep pace with – or stay two steps ahead of – surge testing demand.

Our Results

1,600% increase in testing appointments
33% below $40 cost-per-appointment target
50x increase in ad spend from $10,000 to $500,00 per month
3 new storefronts opened as result of demand

How We Did It

Reimagined the advertising strategy

We honed targeting and refined messaging to jump-start efficiency and performance.

Found wins and scaled

We tested relentlessly and optimized to identify what worked, then scaled it quickly.

Matched messaging to motivators

We used keyword research to tailor ad copy to address audience questions and needs.

Guided cross-channel optimizations

We directed landing page improvements to help the ad campaign work even harder.

Client Highlights and Callouts

The ClearMD team was incredibly responsive in providing the resources needed during our first month to build and design landing pages that would allow them to win in the highly-dense competition of New York. We were able to lean into fast turnaround times, often less than 24 hours, to deliver a solution as quickly as their New York customers.

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