Captured higher-quality leads at 17.5% lower cost.


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The Challenge

The world of mass tort marketing moves quickly. It’s an event-driven space that requires teams to research, develop, execute, and optimize targeted campaigns under tight time constraints.‍ When a top mass tort lead generation firm came to us, it was spending more than $3 million per month to reach qualified claimants. In less than two months, we helped its internal media team implement a scalable strategy to drive significantly lower-cost, higher-quality leads.

Our Results

decrease in cost per qualified lead
increase in click-through rate
decrease in cost per click
decrease in monthly ad spend in <60 days

How We Did It

Improved quality of leads

We developed more targeted ads that helped better qualify potential mass-tort claimants.

Embraced creative ad units

We used Facebook poll ads as a new way to attract and engage highly qualified prospects.

Tapped into new audiences

We grew incrementally by adding previously untapped audiences to our ad targeting mix.

Went hands-on for more control

We used manual bidding to scale quickly without sacrificing campaign performance.

Client Highlights and Callouts

The LegalOffers team is one of the most sophisticated operations we have worked with in the Mass Tort space. As a vertically integrated solution, the organization has made significant investments that make it easier to turn qualified leads into retainers.

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